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About us

Our aim is to get the best out of the resources available for patients, who are usually the sickest patients in the hospital. Our Network is funded by NHS England and is hosted by the Royal Free Hospital where we are based.

Our Network is made up of many, Health Care Professionals from the Critical Care Units that we cover in fifteen hospitals, in seven NHS Trusts, across North East and North central London.

We also have patient representatives and NHS funders in our Network.

What we do

  • We aim to get the safest and best quality care for patients out of the available resources across the Critical Care Units in the network. We try to ensure that the services are equal in these hospital trusts. We do this by comparing and sharing the results of how we are doing against our quality standards.
  • We try to improve patient pathways and services and in particular looking at issues that affect capacity such as the recruitment and retention of staff.
  • We  train staff in areas that affect critical care such as the transfer of very ill patients across London
  • We work together across the hospitals sharing  data and good practice and visit the units to see how they are performing
  • We support the development of standardised guidelines and abilities
  • The Network meets regularly, builds relationships, creates new ideas and works in a non-hierarchal way
  • We share challenges and how to overcome them through sharing of experiences and learning from mistakes