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Critical Care Education

Advanced topics

eLfH e-learning course on ventilation

Invasive ventilation safety Principles of IPPV on elfh

Invasive ventilation 1: indications,initial settings, basic modes, complications on elfh

Invasive ventilation 2: Advanced modes,trouble shooting, rescue therapy (incl ECMO) on elfh

Clinical management of mechanical ventilation 1 on elfh

Clinical management of mechanical ventilation 2 on elfh

Respiratory management

Chest drain management – on elfh


On line lecture on elfh

Proning training guidance from the faculty of Intensive Care Medicine pdf document

Proning – on Osler, via this link

Patient assessment

ABGs – Good, but has mmHg for units (UK uses kPa) and anion gaps (quite advanced topic) on Osler via this link

ABG analysis – On-line book Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: Making it easy (M & K)  

Intubation – advanced topic

Osler – basic airway management on Osler via this link

Airway management course from UCLH (7 weeks free access available) from Future Learn

Assisting with intubation on Osler via this link

Overview of RSI website