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What are these resources?

The resources below come from a range of sites. Some are ‘official’ NHS, some national guidance, some commercial websites and some others. They are personal recommendations and should not all be taken as official guidance.

e-Learning for Health (eLfH – is funded by the NHS. You need to register to use it (free – use your work email). Some material is fairly advanced.

Osler is a commercial e-learning site that has made its material free currently. To access the Osler modules below, please follow this link, then select collections, and ICU nursing for non-ICU nurses, and find the module you’re looking for (click on the image for details).


The flashcards are produced by CC3N and others.

This is a work in progress and the site is being developed and updated

What is ICU?

Overview of ICU care – on line lecture on eLfH

Respiratory A & P

Respiratory anatomy on YouTube

Non-Invasive Ventilation

NIV – on eLfH

NIV set up – on eLfH

NIV monitoring – on eLfH

NIV – flashcard

Invasive Ventilation

Basic mechanical ventilation – on Osler, via this link

Online lecture – on eLfH

Care of a ventilated patient – flashcard

Course on invasive ventilation on eLfH – advanced topic

Respiratory management

Endotracheal Tube (ETT) care on Osler, via this link

ETT care – flashcard

Weaning – on eLfH

Tracheostomy tube care

Module 1: Basic knowledge (anatomy, physiology, indications, procedures) on eLfH

Module 2: Emergency management (tracheostomy and laryngectomy) on eLfH

Module 3: Basic care done well (including associated devices) on eLfH


Blood pressure – physiology overview on YouTube

Invasive pressure monitoring – on Osler, via this link

Arterial lines – flashcard

Central lines – flashcard

Fluid administration – IV Fluid Therapy – on eLfH

Fluid management – flashcard

Responding to a blood pressure alarm – flashcard

ECG rhythm recognition and management

Rhythm recognition e-learning course – website

Electrolytes – eLfH(part of IV Critical Care therapy course) on eLfH

Antiarrhythmic Medication – Amiodarone(part of IV Critical Care therapy course) on eLfH

General Care

Mouth care for intubated patients – on Osler, via this link

Mouth care – flashcard

Eye care – protocol

Eye care – flashcard

Catheter care – on eLfH

Patient assessment

Monitoring – on line lecture on eLfH

Glasgow Coma Score neurological assessment Assessment – e-learning website

Sedation assessment – flashcard

Initial patient assessment on Osler, via this link

Oxygen saturation – flashcard 


Communication on eLfH

SBAR – Pdf document on SBAR

FASTHUG website

Communication and human factors on eLfH

IV therapy

Critical Care IV therapy course with assessment – on eLfH

Sedation and vasoactive drugs – eLfH online lecture

IV therapy (general) – course with assessment – on eLfH

Vasoactive drugs – flashcard

Bedside safety checks