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IV Medication Critical Care nursing competency

Submitted by Olivera Nikolic on November 12, 2018 - 05:47

A Pan-London IV Medication Critical Care nursing competency document will be launched in the new year. It’s intended to standardise practice across London, making it easier for nurses to move between Critical Care units in the capital, and to improve patient safety. 

Currently each Trust has it’s own assessment processes, and as staff move between units their competencies require reassessment each time. This presents an opportunity to reduce duplication of process and resources, and increase standardisation. The competency was developed by the three London adult critical care networks working with the Pan-London Critical Care Practice Development group, as part of the North West London Critical Care Networks Clinical Applied Skills Passport project. It used a modified Delphi approach to survey a large group of Critical Care staff and others from across London. The results of the survey were developed by smaller specialised working groups through successive drafts.

The project has demonstrated successful large scale collaboration from a working group spread across London.  The PLIVCCC aims to reduce duplication, improve resource utilisation and patient safety. The competency and Passport are being launched Pan-London on 23rd January 2019.