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Getting involved

We are always keen to engage with people and there are many ways that you can get involved in our Network. If you are interested in getting involved see below;

Network meetings or COG’s (Clinical oversight groups)

We hold six meetings a year and each unit in the Network gets the opportunity to host. At theses meeting as well as having the chance to meet with your colleagues we discuss the Network business, develop our work streams, and have some education input. Please feel free to come along. For 2017/18 dates see events and if you are able to host please get in contact with us.

Transfer training

As well as attending the training, there is also an opportunity for you to join our transfer training faculty. This is made up of doctors and Nurses from our Network who provides the teaching and facilitation of our workshops on our transfer training courses. This means you will be supporting the safe transfer of patients across London, and enables you to meet and Network with colleagues from across fifteen Critical Care Units  in North East and North Central London. For more information please contact Dr Ferenc Kovari who  is our Transfer Training lead for the Network or Rose Tobin, Network Manager

For the dates of our Training days see events.

Peer Review

If you would like to take part in the Peer Review and have your unit reviewed please let us know. As well as having your unit reviewed you could be part of the panel which would provide you with the opportunity of visiting another unit in London meet with your colleagues and give feedback on how that unit works. This provides an ideal opportunity for learning and developing and improving your reviewing skills.

For more information please contact Dr Tomas Jovaisa who is the lead for peer review in our Network or Rose Tobin the Network Manager

For dates of our upcoming peer reviews see events.

Learning from Serious Incidents

If you are willing to share your learning from a serious incident please let us know and you can present at one of our Network meetings.

Patient involvement

If you have been a patient in ITU and would like to share your experience with the Network or if you work in ITU and know any patients who may want to get involved in the Network please let us know We really value this perspective. see our patient experience section.

Therapy and Pharmacy teams

The Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Pharmacy teams meet regularly in order to do the following:

  • Share information, documents and policies
  • Develop Network guidance on common themes  
  • Share contact details for patient handover via email and what's app groups
  • Receive training
  • Peer Support 
  • Sharing the learning from clinical and serious incidents 

If you or any of your colleagues want to get involved please contact Rose Tobin Network manager

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